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Save Energy (and Money) With Decorative Window Films

Today, people are becoming more concerned when it comes to protecting the environment. As a homeowner, you can do your part in saving the environment. Look at your windows. Do you know that windows waste up a lot of energy? For example, during summer months, windows allow sunlight into your house, which causes you to turn on your air conditioning system. During winder, heat escapes through your windows, and this causes you to burn more fuel to keep the whole house warm. Glass is a very poor insulator; that is the ultimate reason that heat can pass through it without difficulty.

Much of the heat that enters into your home comes in the form of sunlight. Since the sun can damage you furniture and can bring so much heat into your home, covering the windows with conventional shades, blinds, and shutters are employed by most house owners. Unfortunately, these traditional window treatments also prevent light from entering into your house, causing you to consume more energy since you are forced to turn on the lights.

There is another way to approach this problem without completely blocking light and heat-fashion your windows with window tint film. Also referred to as wallpaper for windows, decorative window films are very thin sheets of vinyl that are adhered on flat, non-porous surfaces for decorative, privacy, and energy-saving purposes. Think of a window tint film as a pair of sunglasses-they allow light to pass through your glass doors and windows but the glare and the harmful UV rays are reflected outside. You can also compare it to a car’s tinted window but the tint is more colorful and more exciting. badezimmer neu

Window tint film can lower your energy bills by as much as 25 to 50%. Since it blocks UV rays from entering your home, you provide a healthy environment for your family (and your furniture too!). As research reveals, radiation can cause eye damage and skin cancer. Did you know that the sun can also damage your furniture? Remember the first time when you installed your carpet. After a few years, despite regular cleaning, the color has faded as a result of sun damage.

Aside from the practical applications of decorative window films to your home, these films also give you some sense of privacy. Did you ever check your home from outside during the night? You might be unaware that your neighbors might be prying on you at night. With window tint film, you give yourself privacy from your nosy neighbors.

As the name goes, decorative window films are wonderful decor for your home. They transform your dull room into a colorful space. Choose from various styles and designs-from stained glass films, to etched and frosted glass effects, to decorative accents and borders.

Some may think that this is an expensive investment. It is actually otherwise. Window tint films used as decorations are very economical. You can easily find them in your local home depot or you can browse catalogs online. If you are already having a headache because of too much heat, maybe it is time to consider removing your dust-gathering curtains.


Author: JazzyExpert

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