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A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Metaphysics Workshop

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a spiritual teaching that has been adopted by a large number of people. It is widely known for its emphasis on forgiveness and for its challenging message that views the physical world as an illusion.

It is also controversial for its esoteric language and metaphysics, which align it more with Eastern mysticism than traditional Western religion.
What is ACIM?

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a self-study system of “spiritual psychology” that is both profoundly spiritual and far-reachingly practical. Since its publication in 1976, it has touched the lives of millions worldwide. It could fairly be called the esoteric Bible of a new social and religious movement: the growing number who consider themselves to be “spiritual but not religious.” Its followers are known as the ACIM community. Its teachings are taught in a handful of churches and through 26 different editions of the Course.
The Course’s Teachings

The Course’s text and workbook combine a heady mix of reinterpreted Christian language, modern psychology, and Eastern metaphysics that creates a wholly unique spiritual thought system. Although it challenges the teachings of many of the world’s religions, its ideas have influenced thousands of people who have made it their own.

Its most enduring message is that healing and peace can only be achieved through forgiveness, a moment-by-moment practice that transforms attitudes, relationships, and even the physical world (similar to Buddhist and Hindu notions of maya and samsara, or the mass illusion that makes up our everyday experience). It urges us to look at our problems in a completely new way, one which allows us to see them as the unavoidable result of our own misperceptions.

Although it’s possible to study the Course alone, students are usually encouraged to form groups and join the Foundation’s affiliated churches. Some people become teachers of the Course, either by reading and guiding others through the curriculum’s lessons or by bringing its healing principles into the lives of those they encounter. This method is often referred to as “teaching from the heart.” Many well-known spiritual authors have used Course ideas, but haven’t been primarily identified as teachers of the curriculum.
ACIM’s Metaphysics

One of the most difficult aspects of ACIM is mastering its metaphysics. Jon Mundy, a long-time acim student and author of several books, lectures on this subject as well as teaches the Course’s psychology. His workshop is a great gift for friends new to the Course as well as those who are already familiar with it.

Described by the New York Times in 2020 as an “esoteric bible that’s gone mainstream,” A Course in Miracles continues to touch lives worldwide. The Course is self-study and comprises a three-volume set of channeled literature—a 622-page Text, a 478-page Workbook for Students, and an 88-page Manual for Teachers.

The Course teaches that all of reality is spiritual, and the ego’s thought system is logically consistent. It is up to the individual to understand these principles and apply them in their daily lives.
ACIM’s Psychology

A Course in Miracles is a self-study system of spiritual psychology. It offers profound spiritual teachings along with far-reaching and practical psychological insights. It is the most successful channeled work to be published in English in the last half of the twentieth century and has touched the lives of over one million people worldwide. The New York Times has called it an “esoteric bible that went mainstream.” ACIM was scribed in the quiet years of 1965-1973 by Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford, professors of medical psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. Neither of them were particularly spiritual at the time they began to receive the material for the Course. They were each deeply invested in their careers and professional status.

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