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ActiveDock 2 Review

Whether you’re a Windows user or Mac OS X lover, the Dock is a great utility to have. It allows you to run applications, switch between them and open documents.

However, Apple Dock lacks many useful features like Window Management and Switching between Windows, Appearance Customization, Hiding app icons. ActiveDock solves this problem with its new feature.
Window Previews and Window Management

You’ve got a lot of apps running on your Mac, and you need to manage them quickly. ActiveDock 2 offers a lot of useful features that will help you keep your windows organized and your tasks moving faster than ever.

One of the best new features is window previews. These previews make it easy to locate open applications and switch between them. They also allow you to group windows into a single view, so you can easily see what’s going on with any window at a glance.

Another useful feature is a Windows-like Start menu that you can add to your Dock. You can even preview all open windows and add shortcuts to each.

In addition to these, the program has a lot of other options that you’ll love. For instance, you can resize windows to various preset sizes directly from the app’s preview. And, you can drag them to any corner of your screen and they will automatically snap to it.

The application has a few keyboard shortcuts as well, so you can easily switch between windows or close them. Plus, it shows a few icons that represent the state of each window. Alpilean Reviews

If you’re looking for a way to bring some of the best Windows features to your Mac, then you should try ActiveDock 2. Its most notable new feature is the ability to preview windows and add a Start menu to the Dock.

Other important features include groups and folders of apps, documents and links. You can also hide or exclude certain app icons from your Dock to avoid distractions and save space on your screen.

It also supports multiple monitors and can be placed anywhere on your Mac’s screen. Besides, it has a number of design themes to choose from to customize the appearance of your Dock.

All of these features will ensure that your work gets done quickly and efficiently. You’ll find everything you need in a single place, which will save you time and frustration. Moreover, you can even create your own custom themes and customize the icons and the Dock itself as you need it.
Customizable Appearance and Custom Icons for Apps and Folders

There are several ways you can customize the appearance of your macOS dock. One of the most useful features is the ability to change the icon for apps and folders. You can choose from a wide selection of pre-made icons or go custom.

In addition to changing app icons, you can also tweak the look of your Mac’s desktop with a variety of color schemes and effects. This feature is particularly useful when you’re working on a project that involves a lot of graphics or photos.

For instance, you can use a tool like Folder Designer to create a custom Folder that displays a different icon or pattern for each file in it. The app also allows you to change the background color for your Folder, which is a nice touch.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to take a gander at the customizable wallpaper for your Mac’s desktop. It’s a great way to make your computer look fresh and modern, especially for older machines that need some extra love.

The best part of this feature is that it’s free. You can even try it out for yourself, thanks to a trial version.

As you can probably guess, this feature is also the main focus of ActiveDock 2. The software is a full replacement for Apple’s venerable Dock with plenty of customization options.

The program is free, and is easy to install and configure. Its features include everything from a cool looking dock to the most useful tool for quick switching between apps and windows, window previews, and an interesting way to show off your favorite photos or files. The best part is that it works seamlessly with macOS and Finder, which makes it the perfect choice for those who want to get the most out of their Mac without having to worry about any compatibility issues.
Quick Switching Between Apps and Windows

Whether you use Windows or Mac, quick switching between apps and windows is critical. Luckily, you can find apps that do it the way you like it. One such app is ActiveDock, which lets you replace Apple’s Dock and add a number of features that are missing from the default macOS dock.

First, it has a feature called Window Previews that lets you instantly see all open apps. This allows you to quickly switch between them and change their position and size. The best part is that you can do this from the Dock itself, instead of going to Dock Preferences.

Another useful feature is the ability to resize windows to preset sizes right from an app’s window preview. This can save you a lot of time if you frequently need to change the size of your windows.

Finally, ActiveDock 2 lets you organize your windows and apps using a folder view that can be added to the Dock or Start menu. It also lets you create groups of documents and apps to speed up navigation around the computer.

You can also make your own themes and use custom icons for apps and folders to personalize the look of your dock. You can even hide some of the icons from the dock, which is a nice feature for keeping your screen clear.

If you want to try out ActiveDock, it is available as a free trial. You can also purchase a license for a limited period of time.

It is a full replacement for Apple Dock with customization features, tools for quicker switching between apps and windows, and managing windows from the previews on the dock. This will allow you to save time when working with many applications at once.

In addition, ActiveDock lets you group documents and apps to organize your desktop easily. You can also resize windows to different preset sizes right from the window previews and place windows to the front of your screen. The application also has a Start menu applet, so you can launch apps and document files with just one click.
Folder Views and Groups

Aside from displaying files of various sizes and colors, activedock also enables you to sort your files into folders and subfolders, or better yet, a centralized virtual folder in the Dock or in the Start menu that resembles an actual folder – minus the clutter. Best of all, you can hide and/or show off your most precious possessions (or at least accessed ones) from prying eyes, so to speak. For the truly aficionados, you can even create your own private virtual office space – the smart kind! The app is as easy to use as it is fun. It’s a no brainer to give it a go.




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