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Ecological Building Store

If you are thinking about building a house, you may want to consider visiting the Ecological Building Store. This store is located in Trosa, Sweden, and is run by Erik Hedenstedt. His inspiration for the house is the American and Japanese house on a pilotis. Here, you can also read about Passivhaus design and Natural Building Technologies.
Green Building Store

Green Building Store provides leading-edge solutions for building a more efficient, comfortable, and low-energy building. This innovative online retailer’s mission is to help you build your dream building and reduce its carbon footprint. Whether you need a new home or office, Green Building Store has the products and services you need to achieve your green goals.

Green Building Store is the leading provider of eco-friendly building products and services for low-energy buildings. Their products, expertise, and consultancy help clients build better buildings and tackle the climate crisis. They also offer exclusive discounts for Carbon Co-op members. If you have questions, contact us and we’ll help you choose the right products for your next project.

Green Building Store has been a leader in introducing low-energy building solutions to the UK market for over 25 years. They are well-known for facilitating the construction of pioneering Passivhaus projects and promoting best practice for low-carbon construction. The company’s in-house construction team has built some of the UK’s most successful Passivhaus projects. Their work has earned them the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development and the Best Green Supplier Award for 2021. With offices in Huddersfield, Gillingham, and Huddersfield, Green Building Store offers a full range of eco-friendly building solutions and services.

Green Building Store is a Yorkshire-based product supplier with a London-based consultancy firm. Through this merger, the companies aim to offer customers a wider range of environmentally-friendly products. Their products include triple-glazed windows and renewable energy. They also provide consultancy services, specialist knowledge, and innovative solutions to improve the performance of buildings. The combined company will help clients improve the efficiency of their buildings and reduce their carbon footprint. Chlorella
Natural Building Technologies

If you want to build a home that is eco-friendly, you can try natural building methods like using recycled materials. The Ecological Building Store specializes in natural insulation materials like PAVATEX, a product made from waste wood that has been pressurised to produce fibres. These fibres are then turned into insulation boards that help to keep your home warm.

Natural building materials like hemp are also biodegradable. Hemp, a low-THC cousin of marijuana, is widely used outside the United States for insulation and building foundations. It can also be used to make Hemcrete, a material similar to concrete. While hemp is not the only biodegradable building material, it is an alternative to other materials that are toxic or non-natural.
Passivhaus design

PassivHaus design is an efficient, quality-assured standard for low-energy building. The concept of PassivHaus is very efficient and can produce buildings that use up to 75% less energy than typical homes. You can find a number of PassivHaus models and products on the market, including the Stirley Farm EnerPHit, a barn conversion designed by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, and the Golcar Passivhaus, a newbuild cavity wall Passivhaus. Alternatively, you can seek the services of a professional Passivhaus consultant.

PassivHaus buildings make extensive use of internal heat sources and waste heat from people and electrical appliances. Normally, each person emits the equivalent of 100 watts of thermal energy. Using internal heat sources can be a more cost-effective and efficient option for energy-efficient buildings.

The PassivHaus building concept is not limited to residential buildings; it can also be applied to commercial, industrial, and public buildings. Designed using a step-by-step approach, a PassivHaus building is considered to be the world’s leading standard for energy-efficient construction. Its unique design approach ensures comfort and energy efficiency in a building without the high costs of running it.

In order to achieve Passivhaus certification, you must follow strict guidelines and a stringent energy code. Passive houses are energy-efficient and can be certified with the Passive House Institute. Passive houses do not need traditional heating systems. But most Passivhaus buildings also include supplemental heating systems, which distribute the heat to the whole building through a low-volume heat recovery ventilation system.

Passive houses are also considered to be costly in some climates, but you can save up to 90% of your energy bill by meeting the standard. This is an exceptional amount of energy efficiency for a home. If you want to build a Passivhaus home, be sure to work with a reputable contractor who is familiar with Passivhaus construction. The construction of a Passivhaus house requires special attention to thermal bridging, a common problem in buildings. It can significantly affect your Passivhaus project.
Offices in Huddersfield

The city of Huddersfield is situated in Kirklees, West Yorkshire. It is a market town that was an important mill town during the industrial revolution. It is situated in the foothills of the Pennines and is surrounded by moorlands. Its population is around 216,011.

The town is also home to many companies that manufacture a variety of products. There are also several schools in the area. For example, Huddersfield Grammar School is a private school that offers secondary education. Kirklees College, formed by the merger of Dewsbury College and Huddersfield Technical College, has a large engineering and chemical complex. The town is home to a number of companies in the textile and chemical industries. Huddersfield is the birthplace of Brook Motors, a company that was founded by Ernest Brook in 1904. He had only PS300 as a capital when he began and employed two assistants.

In 2008, the Green Building Store was awarded a major commendation at the BCE Environmental Leadership Awards. The company developed a range of products known as Ecoplus that are designed to make buildings as energy-efficient as possible. In 2009, the company also won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development. The company has since built many high-performance energy-efficient buildings in Yorkshire, including the pioneering Denby Dale Passivhaus and Golcar Passivhaus projects.

The Ecological Building Store is a specialist company with over 25 years of experience. It offers a wide range of products and in-house building consultancy to help clients create energy-efficient buildings.

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